Private Instruction-In studio and online

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Individualized Music Instruction/ Performance Coaching

I teach the fundamentals needed to perform any style of ‘western’ music in a year or less. This includes rhythm, harmony, theory, technique, reading, and improvisation. I also accept students in areas of specialization (non-classical), on a ‘project’ basis. I teach piano as a main instrument, or for vocal accompaniment, proficiency, and with applied theory for arranging and improvisation. Because I teach conceptually (I find to be most effective), my students must be at least 12 years of age, and dedicated to weekly lessons and practice. Learning piano can and should be easy and fun. 

When available- limited openings for students at Boomer Music in Ft. Collins, and at my home studio.

Music Instruction- “Learn Any Style in Under a Year” 
Over 4 decades now, I have taught and performed in most varieties of our modern musical culture; from classical recitals, popular musicals, to jazz and rock bands, and cocktail piano.
I learned the tools needed for this, NOT through many years of lessons beginning as a child, but in UNDER a year of private instruction during senior year in high school. 
While there are many great resources for learning today in online videos and the like, I recommend students begin their journeys with targeted, personalized private instruction; both to avoid the potential pitfalls and rabbit trails of learning an instrument, and to speed up learning by creating proper habits at the start. 

I teach this “fastest route” method in the following categories: 

1-Adult beginners to advanced- age 12 to unlimited. Learn the fundamentals of music, aimed at the style YOU enjoy. This can include anything from classical, jazz, rock, and beyond. If you’ve either never tried lessons, or didn’t get what you wanted the first time, this is for you. 
2-Piano proficiency- If you already know music and just want to add keyboards skills to your resume.s 
3-Improvisation and performance coaching for all instruments/ vocalists. Add spontaneity to your playing, whether it’s getting some tasty fills, soloing skills, or adding variety to your arrangements. We can address any and all aspects of music performance/ production to help you easily get to the next level in your career. 

I have safe options for in-studio students at various area locations listed below, or through personalized online lessons.