Alternative Size Piano Keyboards

We sell affordable, alternative size keyboards for pianos in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas. If you find the standard 6.5" piano octave limits your abilities, consider owning a reduced octave width keyboard that better fits your own hand span and finger size. Send us: your preferred keyboard size, based on hand span, if known; whether you're wanting to retrofit your own piano, or purchase from our stock of quality used studio uprights; and delivery location (we will not respond without this info) for initial cost estimate. If you need help determining a proper size, email so we can send some links and provide consultation.

Performance on a custom size (6" octave) piano keyboard

Steps to a new keyboard:

1) Consultation determines proper key size, process and pricing. Currently only vertical pianos may be done. Can do customer owned instrument, or economically retrofit from our quality used stock. We do all work in our Denver, CO shop with about a two month turnaround.

2) New key set, key blanks, key frame are created. (includes fabricating the key set, installing new front and balance rail key pins and punchings, key tips and sharps, key bushings and capstan screws). Keyframe is placed and playability adjustments are made. Original keys/ frame are typically kept intact if ever wanting to revert to original condition, a minor 'in-home' process.

3) Piano is delivered upon final payment.

3D Models for Sizeing

Choose Your Custom Octave Size

Many people don't know what a comfortable octave feels like. Choose for reach and comfort between the sharps.

OThe RJM keyboards are custom size quality keyboards at competitive prices to facilitate musical creativity and enjoyment for all humans. We make any size from standard 6.5" octave to 5.5", and anything in-between. Understand that retrofitting creates some difficulties when going too much smaller than instruments were designed for.

What sizes?

We at RJM take a practical approach to piano keyboards. We don’t complicate matters with ideas of how to reform an otherwise indifferent industry. We also agree that the proposed DS 6.0" and 5.5' sizes are beneficial, but have no view as to if or when they may become accepted as 'standard'. Therefore, these and any in-between sizes are seen as equally valid for individual purchase. (I found my ideal size is an 'in between' one). Should anything become reasonably available or "standard" in the (distant) future, common wisdom is that player adaptability between sizes is insignificant.
Therefore, our trademark is to offer the best product pricing, and educate for more realistic expectations, both in products and performance choices. The current piano standard has been set for centuries, and won’t likely change significantly any time soon. Acceptance of that reality will allow many pianists to make better choices, both in instruments and performance. That may include owning one of our affordable custom sized pianos/ keyboards. Contact us below for more info.

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